These are used at entrances of buildings for the passage control of parcels, luggage, bags and other similar objects to detect any weapons or explosives and to ensure the required security level for the building. The dimensions of the tunnel may vary between 82 cm x 65 cm and 80 cm x 100 cm depending on the intensity of the passage of luggage of the building. Thanks to the two-dimension detection system, all of the objects passing through the tunnel can be checked without any loss of image on the edges. They are able to see through 29-mm-thick steel. The main property of the X-ray security screening systems is their capability of distinguishing colo
1rs and of isolating images by using organic/inorganic double monitors to make the distinction between organic and inorganic matters with four colors to detect organic-based explosives. These detectors give a sound alarm upon detection of a suspicious piece of luggage and record the passages exhibiting a high alarm level in a digital recording